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Domina School Zürich


The play between pain and lust is the central element in BDSM. Finding the right balance is an art that requires a lot of experience. A professional dominatrix knows about the fantasies of her slave, knows her tools and plays skilfully at the limits of his lust-pain.

With us you will learn the basics of successful dominance, for professional use with your customers, or for your private pleasure.

Instructor Master Tom

A novice dominatrix noticed that her client Tom knew already everything she wanted to learn about BDSM - if only she had found a suitable school. So she made him her consultant. More sexworkers showed interest and so Master Tom founded the Domina School Zurich.

For Sam, masochism is a lifelong passion and his experience as a submissive turned out to be a great advantage in his teaching: He knows exactly what the clients of a dominatrix want and he knows the corresponding techniques and their effects from his own experience.

Sam's calm manner and his previous activities as a designer, music teacher and author make him an effective and valued instructor.

Training offer

Basics Course I

  • The many facets of BDSM.
  • Culture, history and psychology.
  • Basic equipment: furniture, tools and clothing.
  • Own style, inclinations and confident demeanor.
  • Safety, legal, health, hygiene.

Basics Course II

  • Coronavirus: secure techniques.
  • Communication with the customer. Recognizing his preferences.
  • Bondage and demonstrative voluntary submission.
  • Basic techniques for pain and arousal. Taboos and dangers.
  • The most important fetishes.

Basics Course in Practice

  • Tests on the basics.
  • How to have a successful session without equipment.
  • Example of a beginner session.
  • Played scenarios for different types of customers.
  • Real sessions.

Advanced courses on individual topics

  • Anal stretching, fisting.
  • Clinic and electrosex.
  • Bondage art, pillory, etc.
  • Verbal dominance.
  • Slavery.
  • Specific fetishes, etc.

Creative Course

  • Creative combination of techniques.
  • Extreme techniques with means from nature.
  • Special furniture
  • Inventing and trying out new techniques.

We create for you

  • Your personal style.
  • Suitable photos, including retouching etc.
  • Your personal website.
  • Promotional activities: advertisements, texts, social media.
  • Your presence in the BDSM scene.

Procedure and costs

All courses are individually tailored to your needs and build on your existing knowledge. Details will be clarified with you beforehand. The two basic courses combined with basic practical training each last 3 hours (3 to 4 days of 3 hours each). The length of the advanced courses can be booked individually.

The costs are CHF 150 per hour. For two persons CHF 100 per person per hour. (The basic course 3x3 hours thus costs CHF 1350 per person per hour for one person)

After successful completion of the whole basic course, a certificate will be handed over.

About sadomasochism

The topic still meets with incomprehension and many prejudices in the public. Even a certain popular book and film series has, not surprisingly, changed very little about it.

Those who are not familiar with the subject may find some of these practices repulsive - but as a sexual variety with mutual consent of all parties involved there is nothing in BDSM that can be called reprehensible.

From a moral point of view, it should be noted that studies attest the BDSM-practitioners a more psychologically/ethically balanced condition than the rest of the population. Sadomasochists also tended to report less psychological stress (in their lives) than the other survey participants. (Study by Juliet Richters from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, 2008)

A possible explanation for this is not only their more tolerant attitude both sexually and generally, but also the psychological and physical experiences with themselves and their partners they made through BDSM practices, which require a high degree of mutual trust, dedication, control and self-knowledge.